Use Your Words Jeu PC Télécharger Reloaded

Use Your Words Jeu PC Télécharger Reloaded

De temps en temps, une idée est plus critique que de mâcher vos aliments. Il est devenu le printemps de 2015, et mon ami Julian Spillane et moi nous sommes assis dans un restaurant mexicain au Queens. Nous avons récemment commencé à collaborer à ce qui se passe maintenant. Utilisez vos phrases. Alors que je couvoyais un morceau embarrassant d’un carnaval taco, une ampoule semblait au-dessus de ma tête. “Hey … et si notre slogan est devenu … un jeu vidéo pour les américains humoristiques et leurs copains inusités?” Ma bouche a perdu de la coriandre ce jour-là, mais Use Your words a gagné une pierre angulaire philosophique.


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Use Your Words Jeu PC Télécharger Reloaded

One in all my favorite game genres turning out to be up become the sparse “write your own comedy” birthday party online game style. I cherished Quip It!, the new Yorker cartoon Caption video game, and Balderdash as a result of they gave me and my pals a platform to jot down jokes and make every different snort. And whereas I loved more time-honored card-based birthday celebration games, I all the time wished I could just write my own answer instead of looking forward to the correct card. once I discovered that you might handle a console video game together with your smartphone, I began piecing collectively my concept for the most efficient birthday celebration video game. The basic concept was standard: The game presents a setup for a funny story, and avid gamers get points for writing the top-rated punchline.

However as Julian and i threw lower back margaritas and bounced ideas round over tacos that day, neither of us realized how many steps could be worried in definitely pulling off a video game not just for funny people, however additionally “their unfunny friends.” In checking out our early prototype, we observed that many gamers bought anxious as soon as they found out they needed to be funny. they might assure us they weren’t funny and ask if they could watch in its place of enjoying. they might repeat after every round, “You guys recognize I’m now not funny, correct?” I’ve been a class clown considering that I could talk, so fending off any possibility to get a laugh is antithetical to my complete being. however once more, we had been making a online game for humorous americans and their unfunny friends. So, we had to experiment.

Our first massive alternate became the timer. We concept that giving avid gamers 60 seconds per answer would provide the online game a pleasant manic tempo; as a substitute, it flustered players and locked up the funny part of their brains. unusually, after we extended the period of time gamers had, they had been finished in less time and with much less fuss. We started to figure out that psychology was simply as vital to make use of Your phrases as our code and our artwork. The timer repair taught us that on occasion just the phantasm of ease can in reality make interactive comedy less difficult comfortably by using relaxing the participant. however how might we use that same conception to aid gamers who were too fearful to even try? answer: We satisfied them that they didn’t should.



OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Processeur: 2 Ghz Dual Core ou supérieur
Mémoire: 1 Go de RAM
DirectX: version 9.0
Réseau: connexion Internet haut débit
Stockage: 1 Go d’espace disponible


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